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TOTALLY BIZARRE: Transgender cosmetic surgeon injects client’s butt with cement, glue, mineral oil, and “Fix-A-Flat” tire mender. Then seals the incision with Super Glue!

January 1

ABC News / Australian 9NEWS:   “A U.S. transgender woman has been charged with practising cosmetic surgery without a licence after she injected a patient’s buttocks with a cocktail of substances including cement and [tire] sealant, police say.

“Oneal Ron Morris, 30, was arrested last Friday for conducting a botched butt implant at a Miami home last May, ABC reports.  Police said Morris shot a mixture of cement, glue, mineral oil and ‘Fix-A-Flat’ [tire] mender into the woman’s buttocks and then sealed the amateur incision with super glue.

“Morris, who appears to have an ‘enhanced’ rear end herself from police photos, first met her victim to discuss the procedure in May 2010.  ‘They agreed on the price of $700 for the procedure, which was intended for cosmetic purposes,’ Sgt William Bamford told ABC.  But the patient soon complained of serious pains in her abdomen and throughout her body, and was hospitalized.”

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Police photo of Oneal Ron Morris courtesy of ABC News / Australian 9NEWS

Ann Coulter Says Radiation Is Actually Good For You

March 20

(eCanadaNow) “On the popular TV show, ‘The O’Reilly Factor,’ conservative columnist Ann Coulter said that radiation is actually good for you, and that the media is blowing the Japanese nuclear crisis out of proportion.  Coulter recently wrote a column in the New York Times that cites a number of articles stating that a number of physicists say that cancer patients can actually benefit from radiation.  O’Reilly was very skeptical about her statements, and told his audience to air on the side of caution.”  For the complete story, visit

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