March 20

(Washington Post) “The two most widely used Web browsers are getting updates, and for once both contenders — Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9, released Monday, and Mozilla Firefox 4, due Tuesday…are competing…[for] less time spent waiting for the browser to work its way through a complex, interactive page, and less distraction from the interface surrounding that page.   Privacy is part of the pitch for IE 9 and Firefox 4.  Both try to help users stop Web sites from monitoring what they do elsewhere on the Web….  Microsoft has compacted the top of IE’s window, fusing its address and search boxes into one field (as in Chrome) and then moving the tab icons that represent open pages into the space to its right.  That leaves almost the entirety of IE’s window to display the page, but it also makes it difficult to see what pages are in other open tabs.”   For the complete report, visit