April 14

(London /  Daily Mail) It’s said an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Now, scientists say there is some truth in the old adage as they found the fruit helps cut cholesterol levels and lose weight significantly.

Researchers at the Florida State University in the US found that women who ate 75 grams of dried apple a day [the equivalent of about four apples per day] for six months saw levels of LDL cholesterol — the harmful form blamed for clogging arteries — fall by almost a quarter.

Levels of other compounds linked to heart disease and strokes also dropped, and amounts of HDL or “good” cholesterol that wards off the hardening of blood vessels rose by about four per cent, the Daily Mail reported.

The women also lost an average weight of just over three pounds, despite taking on an additional 240 calories a day from snacking on the fruit.

The cholesterol benefits are said to have been triggered by apples’ anti-oxidants, while the slimming effect has been attributed to a compound which can suppress appetites.

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