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iPad 2: More Memory, Two Cameras, Adonis DNA, Tiger Blood

March 2

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Saturday Night Live — 30 years ago

February 25

Long-time fans of Saturday Night Live will probably remember the 1981 SNL “Newsbreak” skit in which the various spellings of Kadaffi, Gadhafi, etc. scrolled on the screen.  It’s strange how history is repeating itself.   See the transcript and screenshots from SNL 1981 at this link.

You’re essentially looking over my shoulder as I write, think, create, invent, and — in general — ponder the world around us.  Feel free to peruse my writings and chime in as you’re so inspired.

Everything I type feeds parallel simultaneous streams to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.  It’s a global tightrope without a net.

Lots of new features are coming online.  They’re all in various stages of development.  You’ll soon see innovative things I’m working on — such as a live, streaming, two-way “TV channel” of sorts where you’ll be able to interact with me (audio, video, text) in real time as I type here in front of my computer.

This is my platform to push the boundaries of technology in every dimension.

Hang on tight.  We may achieve orbit.  Or we may sail off a cliff.  But the ride will be exhilarating.

— Eric